Música para RefugiARTE

Música para RefugiARTE “Music for Refugee” is a program to get public and private funds offering scholarships, financial, technical, and logistical assistance, social and psychological work to create orchestras and choirs through the SUNSTATE ORCHESTRAL PROGRAM “El Sistema Tampa” for children and youngsters in the condition of refugees in the United States of America, extended for Central and South America.

The most important goals of this project are: Create Orchestras and Choirs around the world to disvadtanged communities by bringing self-trust, self-esteem, and hope through music, and making special performances and music healing activities in refugee areas. It is an educative and cultural action that offers encouragement, sensitivity and hope to children and youngsters through music learning, equality, inclusion, and arts.

For decades, the USA has received thousands of displaced people and children as a result of violence, wars, totalitarian regimes, discrimination, sexual abuse, and lack of medical attention and education, among other circumstances, making them highly vulnerable in any society.

According to the UNHCR “UN Refugee Agency”, at the end of 2019, there were 79.5 million people displaced all over the world, the highest figure ever registered by ACNUR.

In the last decade, at least 100 million people have been forced to flee their homes, pursuing protection in their countries or abroad. Since 2010, forced displacement has almost doubled from 41 million back then, to 79.5 million today.

Música para RefugiARTE “Music for Refugee” was created as support of our foundation to help and collaborate through music’s transforming power to offer displaced children and youngsters a balm of peace, safety, encouragement, and hope.

In the last years, the American continent has experienced complex dynamics, increasing forced displacement of people fleeing the Northern zone of Central America, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, and others, who have been displaced within Honduras, El Salvador, and Colombia.

Millions of people in the region have been forced to leave their homes, trying to rebuild their lives in exile.


The Sunstate Orchestral Program is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, inspired by El Sistema; a highly successful education philosophy that has used music as a vehicle for social change.

El Sistema was created more than 48 years ago in Venezuela and has inspired thousands of educators worldwide.

Help inspire young minds through music. Make a donation today and support children and youngsters in the condition of refugees in the United States

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